hey so

i know i haven’t been on this account in like, 4 months or so, but i just wanted to pop by and say that if any of you still care about me or wish to follow me or anything, i’ve made a new account 


so, please feel free to contact me or whatever. i will keep this account open for nostalgia sake!

MIDDLE-EARTH MEME: [3/3 races] Dwarves

"Fiercely loyal and stubborn, the Dwarves were created by Aulë as he was impatient and unwilling to wait for the Children of Ilúvatar to awaken first. Eru reprimanded him for this error, but nonetheless gave the Dwarves life, although forcing them to sleep underground until the Firstborn arrived. Great craftsmen and strong warriors, Dwarves were a greedy and stern race. They were greatly proud of their achievements and held a fierce loyalty to one another. Even the women were known to be as great of a warrior as their male counterparts, especially when it came to protecting their own.

We’re not a team, we’re a time bomb.